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The website is maintained by Tingting Li Group at Peking University Biomedical Informatics Department.
Liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) is an important mechanism that mediates the compartmentalization of proteins and nucleic acids in cells, and it has been proven to regulate various biological functions. Our lab tries to explore this process via the combination of experiments and bioinformatics tools, the LLPS related databases and predictors developed in our lab can be accessed via this website.

PhaSepDB: The database of phase-separation related proteins. PhaSepDB is a novel database that provides a collection of manually curated liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) proteins and Membraneless organelles (MLOs) located proteins.

MloDisDB: A manually curated DataBase of the relations between MembraneLess Organelles and DISeases MloDisDB aims to gather MLOs and LLPS related diseases from the dispersed literature. The functional factors, changes of MLOs and changes of the factors were recorded.

PhaSePred: A Meta-predictor For Phase-Separating Proteins We define and predict the LLPS proteins as self-assemble and partner-dependent, the results from catGRANULE, PScore, PLAAC, ESpritz, SEG, CIDER, DeepCoil, DeepPhase were integrated as well.